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(Archived) Sane Tag navigation

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In another thread, many are arguing over heirachies and subnotebooks. Both sides have good points. However, the most frustrating thing about using evernote for me is that though tags are very easy to create, they are impossible to use as a navigation aid. Here are the deficiencies as I see them:

1. No way to see all notes recursively when clicking on a tag that has child tags.

2. (iPhone) No way to specify "and"/"or" when selecting multiple tags. You're stuck with "and". If there should be a default, it should be "or"

3. (mac and iPhone) No way to see which tags contain notes for a specific notebook. At least on windows the unused tags for a given notebook are greyed out for us. Not perfect, but a million times better than the mac/iPhone version.

These 3 things make me want to throw my iphone out the window every time I load evernote.

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