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Presentation Layout Editor


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In the "how to use presentation mode" knowledge base page, it describes a layout editor for presentation mode. It says to go into presentation mode and "select Presentation Layout at the top right corner to slide the layout editor tray out."


In my version (latest, as far as I know, of Windows 8 desktop), I get menus only for toggling night mode and selecting a pointer. There's also an x, for closing presentation mode. There's nothing for the layout editor tray--nor for the blue lines/blue dots. Etc.

Any idea where the other layout editor things are? 




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I have the same question. I'm running the windows 8 version of Evernote for Business. Client version (Latest version) but there is no option for Presentation Layout Editor, nor is there any mention of the feature not being available on certain versions or platforms. Is this for beta version only? Perhaps mac version only? I've reviewed everything I can find with zero product/feature guidance on this thus far. Nothing, just the alleged new feature. A little context would provide some value to the user base here...

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Thanks for the information Justin! 

You guys may already have one but, I would say that a feature matrix that compared the different versions of licensing, as well as, product installation platforms (Mac, Android, Windows etc.) would be very helpful as a quick reference. It could also keep some of us from fruitlessly searching for an answer when marketing gets excited about a new feature but forgets to mention that it's not available yet for certain platforms or licensing versions. 

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