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Remove links in notes?

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I'm new to Evernote Android and use it mainly to archive content from articles and webpages for research projects. When I share text with EN some of it is formatted as a live link. I would like to be able to unlink the text but have not figured out how to do that.

It would be great if long-clicking the live link would bring up a menu to edit it. I've experimented with workarounds like copying the note and pasting it into a new note. That seemed to work but the digits ".2013.08.041" were now highlighted as a linked phone number.



P.S. Evernote has changed the way I use the internet on my tablet! Composing posts on some forums is like walking through a minefield- one inadvertent keystroke and whatever you were writing is gone. :(

By composing posts in Evernote I am able to freely piece together quotes and links without having to deal with the limitations of text entry boxes. With the added bonus of something rarely seen in the Android realm- an Undo button! Not to mention having a permanent archive of posts I want to save.

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Hi.  Try right-clicking the note and choose Simplify Formatting or Remove Formatting.  If you're testing out what happens,  make a copy of the note first because 'undo' won;t put things back the way they were.

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This is an old thread, and maybe there are others by now mentioning a simpler solution.  I'm doing a study project and copy/pasting a lot of text from Wikipedia, which mean that every 4th word is hyperlinked.  :angry:  Any attempt to deal with one hyperlink at a time is just too tedious.   So I'm pasting stuff into a Word document first, but when I right click, instead of selecting Paste, I select Paste Special, which then gives me some options.  Pick the "Keep Text Only" to make the hyperlink disappear.  When I then copy/paste it into Evernote, the hyperlink is still gone.  So far, so good....



The following screen shot was taken from http://ccm.net/faq/320-how-to-remove-hyperlinks-from-a-word-document

Paste Special.png

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Since starting this topic in 2015 I have been using Instapaper for Android extensively as an intermediary step in archiving news articles and web pages. When sharing a web page to IP most of the hyperlinks are removed and the remaining ones are removed after selecting all of text and sharing it with EN.

I am still using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 for browsing and archiving. It was first released in 2014 and Samsung has only updated it to 4.4.2 KitKat but it works perfectly for most of my needs. I usually run older versions of apps and had been using version 6.x of EN before upgrading to 7.2 which supports offline folders. I mention using older versions of EN as an option if the newer versions do not meet your needs.

With an unrooted Android device I am unable to replace a newer version of an app with an older version unless I first uninstall the newer version. With over 500MB of EN data files it takes quite awhile to install an older version but once installed I can quickly update it to newer versions until I find one with the mix of features that I need. I do have several Android tablets so I could try keeping the current version of EN on one of them just to keep up with the current features (and lack thereof) available.

My opinion is that many apps are upgraded mainly to improve the performance with newer versions of Android and if an older version of an app works fine with an older OS why bother upgrading? I still run the original version 40 of Chrome from 2014 on my Tab 4 7.0 tablet however for websites that do not work properly with that I also have Chrome Beta installed which I do keep upgraded. FWIW some web pages are so busy with pop-ups, etc., these days that I will open them in Instapaper just to be able to read them

As mentioned in my original post Evernote has completely changed the way I use the internet on my Android tablets. Adding Instapaper to the mix has helped a lot and when I don't need the "heavy artillery" of EN I might fire up Samsung Notes (their version of Google Keep) for small tasks like editing a URL or search phrase. (With 500MB of data files EN is no longer quite as sleek as it once was.)


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