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Evernote Web Clipper's limitations?



1: What are the limitations of Evernote Web Clipper's power? For "Simplified Articles" it's often extremely powerful. But what about pages that are very wide or very long or very rich/complex/data-intensive? Like I assume you can't just go to a page like this ([wouldn't paste URL...google "nature tumblr" and see the second hit called "This is a Nature Blog"]) and scroll down till you hit the end and do "Save Entire Page" and expect it to capture without issues? Or even worse something with a million thumbnails like this (http://ofnaturesbeauty.tumblr.com/archive)? I tried to test its limits once and it turned all the thumbnails into just white boxes. 

2: Another crucial question: What if the webpage is WIDER than your browser window (i.e. requires you to scroll right to view the page's full width): will it clip the page beyond what you can see when you scroll? 

3: Sometimes when I clip a page and view it in Evernote the page appears on the right-hand side in Evernote as a shallow rectangle box. You have to just scroll through the page WITHIN that box. Imagine scrolling through a web page in a web browser while you've shrunken the browser window to just be a rectangle in the top 1/3 of your screen. How do you fix this? Not sure whether this is a setting I need to change within Evernote or an actual flawed capture from the Evernote Web Clipper itself. 

4: Apart from the "rectangular bar" issue above, sometimes the Clipper (1) slices off the webpage's sides as far as I can tell: it narrows the page and doesn't capture the full width properly. Sometimes it also (2) whites out thumbnails or (3) leaves random white gaps/bar/glitches where it's just white/blank/incomplete and where it seems like the capture failed. Are there any threads that address these issues? 

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Rather than ask open-ended questions, it's probably more useful to report specific problems that you have with the web clipper. For the most part, it does a good job with lots of types of web content; it's the corner cases that cause problems which are more likely to be of interest to the web clipper team.

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Hi.  I'd be pretty sure that there's nothing available to give you a general summary.  The best practice guide would be (my suggestion)

  • Use Clipper.  If the note doesn't contain what you need, 
  • Try a different Clipper option - page rather than article,  or snapshot rather than page;  if that still doesn't work,
  • Highlight the content you need and try 'Clip Selection'.  If that doesn't work..
  • Try Evernote Clearly
  • Try another device with as many of the above as are applicable
  • Try any web page capture software
  • Try any screenshot software
  • Take a phone picture of the screen

With some of those options you'd need also to clip the URL.

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