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What are Evernote Web Clipper's limitations?



(I'm happy to use Chrome/Firefox/anything.) 

The Evernote Web Clipper is extremely powerful and convenient. B)

Just a couple quick questions! :)

1: For "Save Image" how do you set up a hotkey? (E.g. for "Save Entire Page" you can do [`] + [ENTER].) A hotkey for "Save Image" would save me thousands of repetitive [Right-click] + [scroll down to "Evernote Web Clipper"] + [scroll down to "Clip Image" ]+ [Left-click] actions and save lots of time too. 

2: A single-button hotkey would be of course hyper-convenient both for "Clip Entire Page" and for "Save Image." How do you set up single-button hotkeys for these things? 

3: What are the limitations of Evernote Web Clipper's power? For "Simplified Articles" it's often extremely powerful. But what about pages that are very wide or very long or very rich/complex/data-intensive? Like I assume you can't just go to a page like this ([wouldn't paste URL...google "nature tumblr" and see the second hit called "This is a Nature Blog"]) and scroll down till you hit the end and do "Save Entire Page" and expect it to capture without issues? Or even worse something with a million thumbnails like this (http://ofnaturesbeauty.tumblr.com/archive)? I tried to test its limits once and it turned all the thumbnails into just white boxes. 

4: Another crucial question: What if the webpage is WIDER than your browser window (i.e. requires you to scroll right to view the page's full width): will it clip the page beyond what you can see when you scroll? 

5: Sometimes when I clip a page and view it in Evernote the page appears on the right-hand side in Evernote as a shallow rectangle box. You have to just scroll through the page WITHIN that box. Imagine scrolling through a web page in a web browser while you've shrunken the browser window to just be a rectangle in the top 1/3 of your screen. How do you fix this? Not sure whether this is a setting I need to change within Evernote or an actual flawed capture from the Evernote Web Clipper itself. 

6: Apart from the "rectangular bar" issue above, sometimes the Clipper (1) slices off the webpage's sides as far as I can tell: it narrows the page and doesn't capture the full width properly. Sometimes it also (2) whites out thumbnails or (3) leaves random white gaps/bar/glitches where it's just white/blank/incomplete and where it seems like the capture failed. Are there any threads that address these issues? 

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1) At present no hotkey for Save Image. May come in the future.

2) The default hotkeys are mostly single key, BUT the hotkeys are only effective after you've started the clipper so in it will be a 2-step process START > CLIP FULL PAGE f.a.e. Visit the options page to edit the hotkeys.

3) Not sure if I tested on the correct page but if the page has an 'everscroll' loading behavior f.a.e we sometimes have trouble capturing it properly. The best advice I have is to start the clipper and select full page and then scroll down to force loading of the items you desire. In short if elements haven't loaded they won't clip properly. 

4) Wide pages will clip in full width mostly when you select the Full page clip option. 

5) If you can send a sample where this happens we can test and fix any issues.

6) Send us a sample where this happens...

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