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creating zip archive



Anytime I open a Pages or Numbers document that I have stored in EN, I get a constant pop-up "Creating Zip Archive".  I have to force quit Pages or Numbers and evernote to stop the prompt.  This only stated a few weeks ago, since that time I have uninstalled Page, Numbers and EN - did not correct the issue.

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Thank you, Michael, that may well stop the bug from triggering in the first place but if it's already going wrong there seems to be no way of stopping it except wait a day or two! Anyway I have now gone back to the previous release (6.0.5) and that seems to have sorted it

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Not sure if this will help anyone, but somehow I managed to stop it. What I did was: 

1. Delete the note via Evernote on mobile (I think web will be okay as well) - this includes deleting it from the Trash notebook. 

2. Close the program that was used to create the file. In my case, it was a Keynote presentation saved as a .key.zip file, so I closed Keynote. 

3. Restart Evernote (force quit). 


I'm not sure if this helped, but I deleted the last note (the one at the very bottom with the biggest number) in the _Records folder found deep in com.evernote.Evernote (below).  

IUvPSyp.pngIt was a random solution that for some reason (don't ask) worked for me, so hopefully it works for other people too. 

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Had this problem.  Dragging file out and dragging back in did not work for me.  Deleted file on evernote.com and then synced - still did not work.  Only thing that did work is the workaround in #12.  Thank you MichaelTyson

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This is ridiculous.


This bug in your product makes it impossible to edit keynote & page documents stored in Evernote and you are telling us that you are aware of the problem but will wait till next update to fix it. Are you serious?

You should be working in fixing this bug and releasing a priority update ASAP.

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I am still having this problem and it is infuriating- I've opened a ticket with no reply. The problem started when version 6.06 installed itself- where do I find the previous version to downgrade to?

Evernote, please sort it out or at least acknowledge there is a problem!! I cannot use it and am paying good money as a premium user!

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I've reported it, and finally got a response, happily - I've provided the team with some console output which indicates what the problem is, so it should be pretty easy to fix, with a bit of luck.


In the process, I made a discovery: those notes with Numbers spreadsheets that I dragged out, edited, and dragged back in, no longer have this problem! It's only the older notes that exhibit the issue. So, try dragging the spreadsheet to the Desktop, then drag it back in (replacing the original).

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I'm having the same problem. Evernote is now unusable- as soon as I open Evernote it goes into an unstoppable spiral of creating zip files, and I have to force quit. Upgraded to Premium yesterday- is that part of the problem? I have too many Numbers attachments to want to try the work around above. Please fix urgently!! 

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I figured out a workaround, happily - drag the document to the desktop, double-click to unzip (and delete the original zip file), edit the document, then delete the original from the Evernote notebook, and drag the edited document back in. Not the greatest workflow ever, but at least I can finally update my company's financials =)


Evernote guys: please get on this, it's awful.

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I'm having the same problem, with Numbers documents. Upon saving an opened document, the "Creating ZIP Archive" dialog opens and closes constantly: http://cl.ly/2X2F0p2q3a2D


When saving, the following appears in the console:

filecoordinationd[376]: NSFileCoordinator only handles URLs that use the file: scheme. This one does not:(null)--- last message repeated 3 times ---Evernote[65803]: BUG in libdispatch client: kevent[EVFILT_VNODE] delete: "Bad file descriptor" - 0x9

Force-quitting Evernote and relaunching doesn't help - the dialogs appear again. The only way to stop it is to force quit, and delete the ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com/######/external-edits/ folder.



I'm now unable to keep and edit documents in Evernote, which is a bit awkward.

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