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from Mac to Win

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Nothing to do but install the software on Win and sign in.  Your synced notebooks should then download to the Win version.  After that, the EN sync process will manage updates to either platform.  


If you have any local notebooks you need to decide if you want them or any subset of their notes on Win.  IMO, it really doesn't make sense to have the same local notebooks on two different machines since they will not be synced and keeping things in order will be up to you.  

  1. So if there is anything local to Mac you want on Win I would move it to one of your synced notebooks, encrypting the contents beforehand if you have security concerns.  
  2. In the case that you want a copy of the local notes on WIN, you can export the notes by notebook preserving tags in ENEX format and then import them in WIN.  Again, not something I would recommend unless you have a plan for controlling the content.

So with no local notes a simple process.

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