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Spell-check bug



I am noticing an odd little bug when I'm typing. 


If I accidentally type an extra letter in a word, it is flagged with a red underline, as I would expect: e.g. 



When I remove the extra letter, the red underline does not disappear, even though the word is now correctly spelled. The only way to get rid of the red underline is to backspace and retype a letter in the word. 


Spellcheck does not operate this way in any other notes app or word processor that I use -- Text Edit, Pages, Scrivener, OmniOutliner, etc. all show the word as fixed once the extra letter is removed. 


It does not happen when I reverse letters or miss a letter. In those cases, the red underline disappears as soon as the word is fixed. 


This is a small annoyance more than anything else, but I wonder why it happens and whether it can be fixed. 


Anyone else notice this?


I am using Evernote for Mac 6.0.5.




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I've noticed something similar, but not exactly the same: if I create a typo but quickly fix it myself, the spell checker apparently does not register that the word has been corrected, and the red underline remains. If I then go back and "correct" the word (e.g., deleting and then retyping one of the letters) the spell checker finally removes the underline. If I just ignore the red line and leave the note, when I return, the underline is gone.


This happens to me all day long every day, and is annoying.

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YES! This is one of those tiny things that is super annoying. It's like a little obnoxious fly that won't leave you alone! Stop distracting my attention with that squiggly red line! I mean, I could turn it off.. but I do actually enjoy the spellcheck.


Evernote please fix!

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Note: I am noticing that this is only happening when I misspell a word, and then delete a letter. So if I type an extra letter at the end, then delete it.. still has the squiggly. BUT if I type a wrong letter and type over it, it removes the red line. It's like the delete key isn't triggering the spellcheck but other keys are. 

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I'm typing in Vietnamese and it does not stop showing the red zigzag underline in the whole document (photo attached). This makes me so frustrated and distracted when reading my note. Please anyone knows how to eliminate this annoying situation? 



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