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Does Evernote windows app install fonts?


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I installed The Windows Version of Evernote and all my fonts in browsers are all off now. Does Evernote install some sort of special font or font manager? I have uninstalled the app but it still looks the same. It makes it very hard to read text in the browsers, chrome is the worst. I have reset Chrome's defaults and it did not change anything. Being that this has affected Chrome and Firefox I have a feeling that Evernote messed with a system setting, just not sure what.. 


The odd thing is most websites show up with weird formatting and the font is messed up, but not the Evernote.com site, that is still normal.. 


update: After uninstalling Evernote Firefox seems to be back to normal now, Chrome is still messed up. I have also tried uninstalling Chrome and re-installing it and that did not make a difference


I'm using windows vista 64, (I know its old)

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Following up on this, I figured out that Evernote did not cause my problem, It was a windows update! (surprise, surprise) .


I don't know what other versions this happens on also, but on Vista 64, microsoft update kb3013455 causes render issues with fonts.. 


if you are having font issues I would look up this update along with your version, I uninstalled the update and everything looks good now. This is a security update, I do not know why it messed with fonts, but use this advice at your own risk, I do not know what type of risk is involved with not having this update. 

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I'm using windows vista 64, (I know its old)


If you can, update to Win7.  It is, by far, IMO the best version of Windows Microsoft has ever produced.

I used it extensively, and rarely had any issues with it.  I'm running Win7 Pro x64.


But I'd skip Win 8/8.1.  Still seeing lots of issues there, and I don't see any compelling reason to upgrade from Win7.

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