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Reminders with to do lists

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I am hiring an assistant, and I want to use Evernote to manage workflow. I want to use the reminder feature on the to do lists, but it appears you can only set one reminder for a note.  I love the "to do' list feature and want to set up reminders for individual tasks within the note.   But if I have to set up a separate note for every item, that defeats the purpose of the "to do" feature.  All my notes will be just one "to do" instead of a list.


Am I missing something?   


I read all the time about how great Evernote is for managing projects, but if every note can only be one line item it seems very inefficient and messy.





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No, you're not missing anything. The one to-do per note can be fine for some use cases (mine, often), but may not work well for you. One thing that's nice is the separate Reminders sublist that appears at thee top of most note lists (Windows list view is an exception). You can order that sublist separately, or by hand.

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The ability to create new reminders from within the Reminders list means that you can just ignore the fact that you're dealing with note titles for tasks. 


The interesting thing about having a *whole* note available to expand on a task could also be pretty handy... since your tasks can take on a variety of shapes and forms... meaning that you can, for example, give a receipt that needs attention on a certain date/ time a reminder, so that it now becomes a task. You can include links etc in your notes... you can use checkboxes for sublists, you can set up Kanban sections. You can basically go to town with the Reminders list and the way it relates to notes. You can mail in reminders, you can set reminders at the time of clipping a webpage or a Gmail to Evernote. So there are many onramps for getting Reminders into Evernote externally, without having to do 2 jobs (i.e. setting a reminder in Evernote as a separate part of your workflow later.)


Also, you may want to look at the host of 3rd-party apps that sync with Evernote, since they interact with reminders, checkboxes, tags and notebooks. Here are a few off the top of my head: Swipes, Gneo, Sunrise Calendar and Kanbanote. 


Here are a few things you can do with the Reminders list, depending on your system:



Good luck!

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