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Scan multiple pages to one document



Hey!  I love the painless syncing to Evernote, and this app is extremely user friendly.  I've come across the need to compile multiple individual scans into one document, and found it impossible to accomplish within Evernote.  I have to export the pdf's to a different application entirely (i.e. Pages) and then compile from there. It seems an entirely unnecessary 3rd step.  When you have finished scanning 4 receipts into Scannable and are ready to send to Evernote, it would be great to have a feature that asks "single document or individual format?".


Side note: had to google how to find this feedback forum.  First time using it, but seems like it should be more clearly worded instead of just "Communities" (of what? for what purpose?) it could be more thoughtfully worded as a place receptive of feedback.  Especially from newbs who might not hang out in "Communities" very often but would like to help improve a wonderful, free product to get even more exposure and use.



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Scannable is smart,  but I'm not sure how smart..  if it's creating 'business card' notes out of your cards,  then I'd think you're going to get some odd contacts down the line.  If you have access to the standard mobile app,  try using the document camera to snap your cards.  It will take two successive shots and save to a note,  then two more shots.. etc etc.  Or you could snap the cards in your standard camera app,  find the pics in your Gallery and send successive pairs to Evernote.  (Though beware image size and your monthly upload limit...)

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I think I'm being a bit silly, but I can't actually see where/how to "select" more than one scanned picture - is this done in evernote or in scannable? I guess if i could work out how to do that, I might be able to merge them - all help greatly appreciated!

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Trying to find the most efficient way to scan membership/rewards cards front and back.  I can merge them in evernote easily but it seems as if it is creating a business card.  Will the 'business card' tag/label/distinction come back to bite me later if I sync an address book / contacts?

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