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Deactivate or close (not delete) a notebook

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Feature suggestion to "Close" a notebook (don't show it notebook chooser when adding new notes). Please let me know if there's already a good way to accomplish.


I use Evernote to help track projects. The nature of projects is that they will eventually be done. The notes are still useful even after the project is done, however, so I do not want to delete the notebook. However, as more of these notebooks pile up, it becomes difficult to select the right notebook for new projects when adding notes. Also, the Smart Filing option in the web extension becomes less useful as it tends to select the old notebooks.


A suggestion I have to support this kind of usage is the ability to Close a notebook. In my opinion, closed notebooks would behave the same as other notebooks, except that they would not show in the notebook picker when adding or moving notes. They would still show in the list of notebooks (with their status clearly indicated) and would still be used for search results. 


I have thought of perhaps tagging the notes with the name of the project, and then moving all notes into a special purpose "archive" notebook, but:


  • Evernote struggles with moving thousands of notes at a time (and I have a fast computer)
  • The "archive" notebook becomes huge and it becomes ever slightly more difficult to find things in it


Thanks for reading and considering.

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This feature is not available, as such. Available workarounds generally involve using tags or stacks, generally. Or possibly a second account that you can archive old notes/notebooks into.

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You could always rename the notebook for the closed project with a prefix,  zzz.project or the like.  Not elegant but the closed projects would move to the bottom of the list.


Secondary thought, as your number of projects grows you might want to consider using tags so as to not run into the notebook limit.  If you precede all of your project tags with the same character (I use the period, .) you get a nice tag drop down.  And you can -tag:.zzz* to remove them from active project searches.  But then I'm more of a tagger as opposed to notebooker.  FWIW.

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