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Logic Filing with ScanSnap

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I use scansnap to scan all of my monthly bills into evernote.

It would be really cool if I could set it up so when it see a particlular thing on the scanned & OCR'ed PDF, such as credit card account number, it would automaitcally drop it into the right notebook.

Currently, everthing is scanned into the NOTES folder, then I drag them each into the approriate notebook.

Maybe this is already a feature....

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Closest I can suggest is to scan to a folder on your desktop,  and re-title your PDF to include a code.  Then use (in Windows) something like Belvedere http://lifehacker.com/341950/belvedere-automates-your-self-cleaning-pc to move files with keywords to the appropriate Import Folder (or use a MAC equivalent).


Or scan your notes in,  search for the CC number and move those notes manually..


Nothing built-in (yet) I'm afraid...

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