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(Archived) Evernote 1.0 for Palm Pre

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Hey folks -

The latest version of Evernote for Palm is available in the App Catalog. Update to the latest version of Palm WebOS (an update was recently published) and then try out 1.0!

New features include:

  • [*:2vw0soec]Creating snapshot notes and camera roll notes from within the Evernote application and GEOtag your snapshot notes
    [*:2vw0soec]Pixi sized home screen
    [*:2vw0soec]To-do items supported
    [*:2vw0soec]Better support for offline note creation and editing
    [*:2vw0soec]Better support for managing notes within your pending queue
    [*:2vw0soec]Better support for large accounts
    [*:2vw0soec]Available in more languages

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thanks a lot for sticking with palm pre support...

really desperately waiting for the feature to browse / filter by notebook. until then, the app is kind of useless if you have many notes..., because i can just query them, but not browse them... :-(



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How large is the Evernote 1.0 application? When I check Device Info on my Pre, it shows v.1.0.0 at 6208K. That is smaller than reflected in the App Catalogue. Could that be why I am having so much trouble opening Evernote on my Pre? It takes nearly thirty minutes to open and makes the Pre totally non-responsive during the process. :)

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