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Note Contents Self-Erasing; Notes Blank


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EDIT: It now works! I just started using the Evernote Web client and I synced it... and afterwords... I could start writing editing and saving in my desktop evernote again! Hooray! Maybe leave this post up to help any others who have this problem?





Today I've just updated to the newest version of Evernote ( for Windows 7 Desktop and I cannot write in any of my notes anymore. Whatever I write, once I move to a different note and come back again, disappears. Additionally, I had been able to see my note contents in the snippet view but not in the note itself, but now I can't even see the content in the snippet view. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've noticed a lot of threads on this in the Mac forum and will try some of their solutions.


Things I've done: restarting and uninstalling and reinstalling. Syncing. These have not worked.


Thank you

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