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Request: Note read position - or bookmarking within notes!

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Hopefully I'm posting in the right location - didn't see a 'feature request' area...


One feature that I miss within Evernote is for the read position within long articles to be saved.  Call it bookmarking within a note or saved location.  It could also be 3rd party, just as long as this feature worked.


I currently use Instapaper for long articles I want to read offline - I tried using Evernote but found this single feature missing.

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Yes, this is essentially the same as HTML anchors, and it's been requested before (here's one instance: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/22876-using-anchors-within-notes-hyperlinking-between-notes/, located by searching the forums for "note anchor bookmark"; there are others). About the best you can do is to insert unique text "anchors", and use the in-note search (not available on all clients, but is in the desktop clients for sure) to jump to them. And of course this gives you nothing to click on to do the jump automatically.


Note: at least once I've come across a claim that HTML anchors do work, if you have them in your source, but I was unable to verify this. I'll try to locate the reference.


Edit: I think that the topic I was thinking of is here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42276-function-request-copy-note-link-anchor/

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Being unable to bookmark is truly a major problem for me. I am working on a long journal, and find it extremely frustrating to be taken to the beginning of the journal each time I open the document. I am currently a trial subscriber evaluating the the program to warrant going premium. This particular inability in the software is definitely holding me back from proceeding forward.

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