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Correcting tag and updating.

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I'd like to suggest one thing. 


When I corrected tags from some of my articles, I found that the articles' sorting order was changed. 

That was because my evernote was in the state of 'sort by updated time'. 

I want to order my articles by it's generated time. So I changed my sorting regime as 'sort by generated time'.


But I wondered 'what if I want to sort my articles by updated time but not for tags?'. It means the time when one do not want to consider

tag correction as an article updating.  


Is there any solution to this situation? 

Or if not, I wonder how many people could be in this situation. If the number is quite large, I think it deserves to suggest to the Evernote team.

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Last I knew, tags didn't change updated date -- that was an intentional policy change, and relayed to us by an Evernote staffer (dlu, I think). That policy may have changed, but I doubt it; I see it still in effect on my WIndows installation.

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