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Super Confused About Sharing



I've read dozens of posts and articles about sharing but can't find an answer to a simple question. I want to 'share' a note with another Evernote user (ideally with all of my Tags). Once they receive it I want it to be theirs, not tied back to me. I want them to be able to edit it, tag it and move it to another notebook just like any note they created.


I've tried sharing via Work Chat. The other party receives the chat, but the shared notes are imprisioned in a walled off area and can't be moved to other notebooks etc.


This seems so basic. Please tell me what I am missing


Many Thanks



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Consider yourself in good company.  Sharing in Evernote has always been somewhat of a confusing subject.

But now that Evernote has mostly embedded sharing in Work Chat it is even more confusing.


There still is one way to share a Note outside of Work Chat:  "Copy Public Link"

Right-click on the Note, then More Sharing > Copy Public Link.

This puts the link on your clipboard, that you can paste into an email that you send to your colleague.


For more details, see 

How to share Notes and Notebooks -- EN KB Article


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Thanks for your reply. Actually, what I am trying to do is to share multiple notes at once. Sharing a public link seems to work with only one note at a time. (Of course, it would be simple if I could simply export them as PDF, but that is another frustration discussed endlessly elsewhere). On the other hand, work sharing allows sharing of multiple notes at once, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get them into the recipient's regular Evernote database without their being tethered to the original sender.

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