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Using Evernote to keep track of books

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I am new to evernote and so far I am ecstatic about the way I can organize my resources. One of the things I was hoping to do with Evernote was to be able to create a reference library for books. Part of my job is training and providing resources for a number of topics such as; racial reconciliation, team building, leadership, mentorship, poverty, etc. A lot of resources that I have are books. Is there anyway, besides making a new note with just the title and author in it, (it just seems like there should be a more efficient or intuitive way) to put books into Evernote and then tag them with my topics? If yes, how would I do this?


If this topic already exists I apologize. I tried to search for it but couldn't find anything.


Thank you.

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There are more sophisticated apps out there - I use something called Book Catalogue (on Android) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eleybourn.bookcatalogue


- That will read the ISBN number from the bar code and come up with cover picture,  author,  summary etc,  etc...   and had the option of separate bookshelves so you can segregate fiction from non-fiction,  Mac from Windows... etc etc.


There's no desktop equivalent,  and this is not an Evernote-compliant app,  but the list of books can be output in a variety of ways and saved/ viewed by a desktop.


Your local library might be able to advise you better on what sort of software is available for your purpose.

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Metrodon and Gazumped, Thank you for suggestions.


I am going to explore both of the set up to the web and the library.


Gazumped, I like the idea of this book catalog. Even if it is a separate app, if the way it organizes is better I am up for it.


Thank you again.

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