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File or Folder Not Found

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New to Evernote and looking for some help.  I created a Notebook with five or so notes.  In each note I have multiple attached files (mainly PDF and Excel).  I can access those files from my the Desktop App, Web App, and Android App just fine.  So all three places work just fine when I created the Notebooks/Notes.


Now, I have another user that has shared the notes in her Notebook with me with full access to the data.  From the Desktop App and the Web App, I can access and use her data the same as I can with the files in the Notebooks/Notes I created, however, from the Android device, I can see the notes with the attachments, but when I click on the attachmets from her notes I get an error message that reads "File or Folder Not Found".  If I upload the same file to my note (the one I created), I can access it from my Android device just fine. 


Any idea why?  Is this something that can be corrected?


Please advise.

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Hi. My apologies for no-one jumping in sooner.

I think the answer might be that you don't have the software needed to open certain attachments on your Android device. For example all attached documents are copies of the original, and if an attachment sent to you was created in Excel, you would need to have Excel or an equivalent piece of software that can open and/or allow your to edit as well as view it.

I know you said you have no problem accessing PDF and Excel files that you created, from your Android. The PDFs I can understand as most modern mobile devices come with a pre-installed PDF Viewer, though generally not one that's more than a Read Only kind. I can't figure out how, if you don't have Excel or equivalent software on your Android, you were able to even view those attachments. Unless of course, they were converted to PDFs, in which case you would be able to View then, it not edit them.

I'm not positive, but I believe such software for all the file types you mentioned (and more) does exist for Android devices. Check the Google Play store. I also suggest you Google Consumer Reviews of any you find that interest you, before buying them.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the response, but it appears to me to be more of a permissions issues than a lack of software on the Android device.  I am only dealing with two file types which are PDF & Excel files.  When opening these types of files from a note that I originally created, they open fine.  If I try to open the same type of file that was created by another Evernote user, but shared with full rights to me, I get an error message that reads "File or Folder Not Found".  Quickoffice is the software that the Android device is using when displaying the file.  Again, if I created the note that the files is in, the file opens just fine.  However, if I did not create the note the file is in, I get the error message.


Thoughts?  Ideas?

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It would be interesting to know if anyone else has any problem opening PDF or Excel files from notes that have been shared to them.  In this case,  can you move the note with the attachment from a shared notebook into one of your own?  And does this make the attachment available?

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