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Organizing notes shared with me on Windows

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A few questions/comments about sharing and organizing shared items.  I'd love input/feedback on how others are handling these situations.


  1. Organizing an individual note shared with me
    When someone shares an individual note with me, I see it in Work Chat.  At that point, I can't put it somewhere that makes sense so I can continue to reference it.  I have to remember that person A sent it to me on or about this day/time to go back and find it.  It seems that individual note sharing is only useful for collaborating immediately, not ongoing or later collaboration.

    How do others handle this?
  2. Organizing/identifying a notebook shared with me
    When someone shares a notebook with me, their notebook name shows up in my notebook list without any indication that the Notebook is owned by someone else.  It would be helpful for the shared notebook to have the owner's name in parentheses at the end of it or something.  This would make it easier for me to determine which Notebook is shared with me and who shared it with me - especially when those notebooks are named similarly to my own notebooks.

    Am I missing something about a better way to handle shared notebooks? 
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You didn't say which Evernote client you are using. In the Windows client, you don't get a clear indication of notebook's owner in all contexts (like the left pane), but you do in other contexts (recent notebooks, the note panel, etc. I just organize notebooks shared to me into a separate stack by owner, and go from there. You can do this in the notebook panel. I don't have a lot of shared notebooks, but I do share notebooks from my work account to my personal account, and vice-versa. If you have a lot of people that share to you, my method may not be as useful.


Re shared notes: I imagine that Work Chat is going to get fleshed out over time, given Evernote's emphasis on the feature. Organization of chats and chat content is going to be important, I'd guess.

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I've often shared notebooks and agree with above it could be better organised. However today was the first time I'd shared an individual note, and how awful is it that the recipient can't see the note in any notebook or note list!?! Only can they access via the work chat.

This really need to be fixed up, horrible implementation of sharing notes.

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