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updates, updates, updates, updates, updates and more updates!

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Please listen...

Almost every second day when I open Evernote on my Mac there is an update for Evernote.

It has been like that FOREVER!

My though is, don't Evernote have professional developers for the Evernote on Mac platform?!


It is a real pain in the b... with all those updates constantly.

A update a month would be fair and ok, not every second day.


Thank you.




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You are not required to accept and install the update notification every time.


There is are several reasons why Evernote issues so many upgrades. In my opinion, the company is not doing enough internal quality control before a new release. To avoid accepting an upgrade that might still have a lot of bugs, I put a reminder into my Evernote program to upgrade one month after it has been issued. This allows me some breathing time to browse this forum and read how users who made the leap are handling the upgrade.


For example, on January 31st, I noticed a new Evernote upgrade, So... for the month of February, I just ignore the upgrade reminders.


Come February 27th, if there has not been a lot of negative feedback, I'll bite the bullet and install the January 31st upgrade. If there are still a lot of complaints, such as constant sync failures, I'll sit back and wait another 30 days.

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I have to agree with the OP.


While you are not required to accept the updates, on Mac OS X, you CANNOT DISABLE the update notification without ALSO disabling the notification of critical security-related updates to Mac OS X itself.


So, "minor improvements to Evernote" has the same priority as "critical security flaw in Safari that could allow a drive-by malware installation to root itself and subvert your world".


And when an update notification pops up, IT DOES NOT GO AWAY until you install the update.  It keeps popping up every X minutes and there's NO WAY to disable it without also disabling ALL other software update notifications.


One could argue that this is a problem with the software update mechanism in Mac OS X, but at the same time, I have about 80 apps installed and ONLY Evernote is guilty of this level of profligate updates.


ACTIONABLE SUGGESTION: if the updates and bug fixes are indeed "minor", send us email about it and let us update manually.  I don't want to be notified of "minor" updates every week or so.  PLEASE STOP THE CONSTANT STREAM OF UPDATES.  It's a huge annoyance and it really does make it seem like you don't have your act together.  

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