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Moving files from Evernote to Desktop


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I copied about five files into a evernote.  Each file contained key encrypted information.  For example, passwords I use, or account numbers etc.

When I tried to copy paste the information back into my windows computer, the paste option was not high lighted.  So I could not

move the file back into the computer for future use.  My only option is to delete the note and save the files in a system like dropbox.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

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Assuming you are saying that your either drag/dropped or copy/pasted five files into a single EN note, you should be able to simply drag the file to the desktop from the EN note.  


It is a bit confusing as you reference copy/paste information and move the file at the same time in your post.  But if you mean strictly files, drag and drop should work.

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Originally, I copied five encrypted files into a email and mailed it to my evernote email address.  Following the suggestions of people in response to my problem, I moved the note containing the five files to the shortcuts area by drag and drop.  I then unencrypted the material which I can now read or copy.  Originally, when I held the note with the five files in a single note there was a option to copy or cut, but you could not past into the computer.  Thanks for all the help, the drag and drop worked just fine.  Also, I have key materials saved in encrypeted form in dropbox, but I was testing how I could save critical encrypted material in Evernote for the future.  This system of copying material and mailing to evernote worked very well

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