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double typing with logitech ultrathin keyboard in evernote


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I have a problem and have found no solution on internet. So I try you!

When I am typing with my keyboard in an old evernote note I get double letters at the first letter in de sentence and a double return(1 white line). It looks like the bluetooth gives a double signal. In the rest of the sentence there is no problem at all. In new notes no problem at all. In other apps also no problems. It is evernote related!!

Has anybody a solution for this problem?

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Many of these thin bluetooth keyboards have issues with the mechanical design that allows you to inadvertently hit extra characters, etc when entering text, particularly if you are a fast typist. It is worse if there is a built in touchpad on the KB.   This is one of the reasons I ditched a Dell Venu 11 for a Surface Pro 3.

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I'm have the same issue on evernote ios.

I'm running Evernote on an iPad linked via bluetooth to a mechanical keyboard (HHKB Pro 2) connected to an ATEN CS533 bluetooth adapter. Works flawlessly on every other app and generally in Evernote, except when starting a new line in an existing note.. First letter in a new line ends up as a double letter. Pushing enter once seems to give double carriage return.

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I have consulted evernote and they have analysed it as a bug in evernote. It's on a list to solve in a future new relaese.I hope they solve it soon, because it's annoying to have this problem in work environment.

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