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emailing to evernote


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There are several different ways to send mail from a Samsung,  which is why I asked.  Don't know about the Note particularly,  but my Galaxy S3 has a mail app that just asks for the email address and password of your existing email service,  which again could be any service.  I'm guessing that the client used in the Note changes email coding somehow so it's not readable in Evernote.  Other than finding another way to forward the emails to your Evernote account,  I'm afraid I can't suggest anything - anyone else (especially any Note users) got any ideas?

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with note 4 you get a evernote email address when you create an account, from your mail app you click on forward then put in the evernote email and send, as I stated before it works fine from any other device apart from sending the email to evernote within your note 4 eg reading mail on your note 4 then forwarding to your evernote on note 4

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