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Feature request: keyboard shortcut to add a tag to current note.

Fil Salustri


I tend to do use tags a lot and it's inefficient having to move my hand to the mouse/trackpad all the time to move from the note view to the header to tweak the tags.

It would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut that would take me directly to the tags in the header.

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Still not right. Cmd-' selects all tags (at least on my Mac it does).  If I then start typing a new tag, all the existing ones are replaced by what I type.

To be able to add a tag to that list, I have to Cmd-' then click at the end of the list of tags.


What I'm suggesting is a shortcut that moves the cursor to the end of the list of tags, NOT selects all tags like Cmd-'.

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The ironies of life… most likely the time invested in trying to figure this out will outweigh the time spent in creating new tags via a mouse or mousepad. At least for the next few thousand.

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