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Multiple Highlighters in Evernote Mac Version?



Firstly, is there a search function in this forum? I am new to the forums and have been trying to do some research on this topic before posting anything.


Anyways, does the EN mac version have a way to change color for highlighters? All I have is yellow. I also do dislike how the highlighting works. For example, I have to highlight the text and then press the highlighter box. I wish I was able to press highlight function and then highlight on any text. 


Thank you

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Hi.  That'd be the box in the top right corner,  though search is a bit hit and miss.  I tend to use Google which turns up hits from other tech and GTD sites as well as this forum.


And - no.  AFAIK you gets one highlighter,  and one only.  You can annotate in various ways to vary the view - box the text in various colours,  and use arrows and extra text to make points;  but highlighters = 1 only.

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