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Springpad to evernote

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I have opened an account with Evernote and was a springpad user for many years. I never Has been notified that springpad was closing down their services. I have been logged into my springpad account until this past week when o upgraded to the newest iOS update on my devices. I can no longerog I to springpad and now know they have been closed since June. Any miracle way I can get my folders into Evernote at this point in time?

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Hi.  I'm sorry to hear that you didn't know that SP were closing last year.  The original instructions for transferring files were quite detailed,  but rely on you having access to your original Springpad account.  See here for the content - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/65972638


Do you have access to any other devices on which to try your login?  It would be easier to proceed if you can get back into your account.


I'm not even sure that SpringPad keep a complete copy of the notes database on your local hard drive,  so if you can't get back to the original account,  that might be all she wrote.  No possibility of rescuing previous detail.  We'll need some more experienced former user to be able to comment here.


Meantime are you a premium subscriber to Evernote?  If not it might be worth upgrading,  even if only for a month or two - you'll at least get some 'live' support from their tech team and there may be some way to retrieve your data.

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