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Feature REQUEST: Utilize Mac Mail app when Emailing Notes



It would be great when using the  "Email Note..." function if Evernote used the Yosemite/Mac Mail app so that sent emails

would actually show up in the Sent Email folder.  There are a bunch of other benefits as well, such as adding additional attachments,

bcc function,  along with all the functionality that is part of the Mail app.







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Yes, yes, yes and HELL YES!  This is BY FAR the most annoying part of sharing notes from Evernote. 


This isn't just an esoteric thing, there's a VERY real practical NEED for this. If you want to email a large note (say 40MB) it will bounce due to size limits with the current functionality. If I could use Mail.app then it would MailDrop to allow the message to go trough. I know I could just share a link but I don't always want to do that. 


This should be a basic feature in Evernote. Actually not offering it is probably a violation of Apple's app usability guidelines. 


PLEASE add this feature. 

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