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"Insufficient device space" (when inserting SD card)

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I keep getting the "Insufficient device space" notification regularly every now and again and would like to get rid of it for good... 


The trouble seems to be related to inserting an SD card. Without one the notification stays away; even when the device space fills up!



Evernote (uninstalled and re-installed some version, not sure if this one) 

Free user

Available space on device (ATM) 158 MB

Available space on SD card 7.2 GB

Free RAM (ATM) 187 MB

Upload allowance 11.8 KB / 60 MB

No offline notes, using only text notes (about 25 ATM)

Cache cleared


This problem has persisted from the moment I got the phone (November 2014; Samsung Xcover2). I have used two different SD cards as well; the other one was pretty much full.

Also, the notes seem to sync well despite the notification, so... 

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