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Reminder email links now open browser first before desktop application



When I click on the link in an email reminder, it no longer opens the note in Evernote for Mac...instead, it takes me to my Evernote account in my browser and opens the note there and after that opens the note in Evernote for Mac. Is there a setting that I'm missing? This behavior started after updating to Evernote 6. I'm currently using v6.0.6. I contacted Evernote a week ago about this but haven't gotten a response yet.



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I finally did get a response from support. After telling me that updating my app should correct the problem, he backtracked and said this:


Thanks for getting back to me, and I apologize for the confusion. It is expected behavior for the links to open in Evernote Web, and a popup should allow you the option to open the link within the application. Please know that I will document your suggestion to allow links for email reminders to open in the Evernote application for our product team to consider.


Nobody will acknowledge that this behavior has changed just recently...

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Hi.  Did you raise a support ticket?  You should have received a ticket number at least,  but a real human can take a while..


Meantime,  total guess here,  but note2note links got revised several months ago for security reasons and this may be the new procedure.  Is there a reason you can't find these reminders in Evernote?  I'm taking it that it's the links in the emails that are the problem - which EN may have changed,  because you;re not always at your home machine when reading mail...

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Thank you gazumped. Reminder links were working just fine and then stopped when, I believe, I updated my desktop app to v6. The link eventually opens the note in Evernote but takes the long way...it opens the note in my browser and then goes to Evernote for Mac and opens the note there. It takes too long and, in my opinion, it reduces the usefulness of reminder links. I wrote support a week ago but haven't gotten an answer. I was hoping to get some responses here to see if others are experiencing the same behavior???

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I have been experiencing the same behavior and am a Mac user. I am not a premium user, however, so I don't think I can submit a support ticket. I've searched all over Google, YouTube, and in these forums for an answer. Really frustrating to me. 

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Yeah, it has changed. It's a minor pain to have to manually search for the notes from reminder email. Sometimes, I want to send reminders (same ones) say each week or month. I find it atrocious that there's not a fix as of yet for it to not open in the app. If premium had this feature, I might consider getting it. I just find it jarring when something has a certain functionality and then, poof, it is gone. Not very cool...at all.

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