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Combine (sync) offline evernote with online one (Same account)


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I have a problem...


The case:

i´m evernote user for several years and i using it for my personal projects and for my work (in some cases i use the same notes). In my work evernote is not syncing (new proxy rules) and it won´t be anymore but i continue using it because it is very useful yet and, here is my problem, i´m updating some notes too. Obviously at home and with my projects i´m updating too.


The question:

Is there any way for combine (sync) every offline updated notes (offline client) with the online ones (online client)? I´ve read several questions in this forum about combine 2 evernote accounts but my problem is very different because in most cases i have the same note with 2 versions (In one moment the note was equal in each evernote) but after loss syncing at work, i don't stop of working (and updating offline notes) and adding some data in these notes too (from other online client).


This is the reason why i can't simply import all the content from the offline client into a notebook where i can sync. I need combine the info. Is this possible? (The offline client won't connect anymore)

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You didn't say which Evernote clients you are using, but if you are using the Windows client, you should update, as the release has made some changes that may help with the sync problem,


Aside from that, if you are having problems with one client syncing, and you're working on a note in two separate places, then you're almost guaranteed to get the note conflicts that you seem to be reporting. Aside from exporting those notes to Evernote format before you leave one client and importing them on the other (which will be onerous), you don't have much option but to try and resolve your syncing problem.

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Booth of them are windows clients... respect update the offline client it´s dificult... every connection to evernote sites are dropped (in other case i could sync) that client.


I was thinking and i have an idea... i don´t know if will solve my problem but i think is my unique way....


1.- Export all notes from the offline client (Really i´ll do a backup of every client ;-) )

2.- Install a clean client in another computer (But without internet connection for no sync the notes from evernote server)

3.- Import the notes from the offline client to this new installation

4.- Cross my fingers and pray (Im not sure if this expression exist in english, im spanish and the expression is "cruzar los dedos y rezar")

5.- Turn on the internet connection again for let evernote syncing


I hope the evernote engine combine the notes.... in the worst case, i have a backup from each client and i could get back to the actual situation... maybe any script can work with the notes content not only with the notes.... if there is any script language (applescript, python...) is my last hope (I suppose i will have to write the script by myself because i don't get the needed lucky to found it done)


Anyway, thanks for the comment and i´ll appreciate any other idea, comment or experience about any similar case


PD: Sorry for my english... is not very good, i know :)

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Oh, I see. You have a computer that is not connected to the Internet. You will not have a pleasant experience trying to edit the same note simultaneously on your online and offline installations. I'n fact, it's hard to even call it "the same note", since you'll have two separate instances of something like the same note, but there's no common collection point (the Evernote servers).

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Hi.  I just went through the same OMG ("goodness gracious!") moment as @jefito - if you've been running these two instances of Evernote side by side without syncing them together,  Evernote has no way to decide which note is correct,  and no way to combine the content.  It will select one note that has a later date and erase the other one.


I recommend that you EXPORTall the notes from your offline notebook to ENEX files (one file per notebook,  and check that tags will be exported in Options) and IMPORT those files to your online account.  You'll be able to create duplicate notes in new notebooks.  If you then choose the All Notes view,  you'll be able to see all the duplicated notes and drag one of any pair out to one side in a separate window.  You'll be able to cut and paste content both ways until you have a combined note,  then delete the unwanted copy.  All that will have to be manual though - there's no way to allow any mechanisation.


Once you complete the export,  you should really stop making notes in your office Evernote,  unless you're prepared to repeat this exercise fairly frequently...

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  • 2 weeks later...

well, i´m planning to do it the next week because i´ll be on hollidays and i will need quite time... i have a lot of notes... Fortunately , not all have been modified in both places... i´ll tell you the progress of the issue...


To be continued....  :D

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