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Note title font size issues / WINE


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Dear all,


I typically use Evernote under linux/wine - which works very well. However, recently I have had a couple of issues - I no longer see the note title, and text that I enter in the search box is also invisible.


Things are fine with version, but somewhere shortly after there was a change. I note that something definitely changed - reports of the title font size changing, and then being fixed in the recent version.


I was wondering if someone could tell me the exact change made - e.g. was the font chnaged? Perhaps then I can install the relevant font under wine to fix the problem...


If anyone else has hints, I'd be pleased to hear them!



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Yes, thanks - it was this mention in the changelog that pointed to a definitive change - hence I installed the latest version, but it still doesn't help. I've attached a screenshot below:




The title is indeed there - I can focus on the title box and type in it, and the changes are reflected in the note list. I just can't see it. In case it provides any more hints the search box behaves the same - I can focus, enter text, and everything works fine - providing my touch typing is accurate ;)

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