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Real-time collaborative editing



Etherpad is an open-source program that allows one to do real-time collaborative editing in the browser.


I think the dev team might want to take a look at it, perhaps? Maybe forking it and modifying it for EN users would make real-time collaborative editing possible? Real-time collaborative editing, I believe, is one of the final things that would make EN totally blow out the competition.

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That's true, and Google Docs is the most famous of them all. But gDocs lacks the organizational finesse of EN. 


If one were to think about collaborative workspaces, being able to interactively edit in real-time is the last thing that hampers EN from being the ultimate workspace, don't you think? I suggested that the dev team look at the Open Sourced version so that they wouldn't have to re-invent the whole wheel either. AFAIK, Evernote's storage format is some superset of HT/XML (can't remember), which might make it amenable to easily modifying what Etherpad's dev have done in the browser.

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