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Feature request: Export vCard from business card scan



When you scan a business card, you can save it to the Contacts app, but you have to give Evernote unfettered access to your contacts. I'd like the ability to export scanned business cards to the widely-used vCard format, which I can then manually import into Contacts.


I frankly don't trust many apps with direct access to Contacts, after having a bad experience where an (to-go-unnamed, but widely known) app quietly uploaded a full copy of my contacts to its servers. By granting direct access, I'm potentially exposing all my friends, family, and business associates to unwanted marketing and data mining. Whether Evernote actually mines or even stores that information today is irrelevant, because they always could in the future. Saving to vCard is an extra step on my end, but well worth the privacy tradeoff. Until then I'll be copy & pasting each field one by one from the scan results.

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