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How to make a To Do list?

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I'm wondering how other users  use Evernote as a ToDo list?


I'm finding it a bit clunky but there must be a better way. Here's what I do: 


1. all of my projects (I am a Landscape Architect) have a Project Number.

2. I made a Notebook for each project (1594 North Bay Village, for example).

3. Then, in each Notebook, I make a new Note called, for example, '1594 North Bay Village Tasks'; I used the check box to indicate if the work has been done.


There has got to be a better way. It's clunky on my iMac and it's clunky on the iPhone. It's clunky making new notes, and it is especially clunky making a list of all tasks that haven't been completed.


Any ideas?

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Hi.  While it's possible to use Evernote for simple to-do lists,  as you note it's not exactly easy if you're involved with projects.  Why not try one of the independent apps that integrate with Evernote?  Keep done/ not done in the app and link to work orders,  letters,  plans and invoices in EN Notes.  I use TickTick,  but there are others...

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If you are looking for simple, Wunderlist enables subtasks.  Task can be project, and then subtasks can be the actual work.  Free and works across platforms.  Not clear how much detail you want in your tasks/notes.  FWIW

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I am a PM and I also use Evernote with multiple projects but have gone back to pen and paper for the to do lists as I find it easier to organize my notes/tasks the old fashion way rather than try and create something new that is more time consuming and in the end, less productive. Its great to be able to grab various emails, photos, documents and throw them in an Evernote Notebook (i.e. Project) but the real power of getting things done, being organized and productive is being able to tackle a to do list from notes gathered across multiple Notebooks.


It would be great to be able to go into each Notebook and have the option of adding a note to a "To Do List” and have a list generated from the notes that already exist. Then being able to move the notes up and down the list according to their priority, add notes to the list as they are created and once an item is completed and checked off it is removed from the "To Do List" but stays in the Notebook where it is assigned.


Is there an integrated app that does this? 

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Don't know about other apps other than those referenced above and perhaps IQTELL.


I use the reminder function with and without dates, and GTD like tags in EN to manage to-dos.  Reminders appear as a list you can sequence by drag and drop at the top of the Snippet view.  They are also filtered by the current search, so an all notes search shows all reminders, a project search shows only reminders for that project.  Most of the time I add a note with just the reminder.  Sometimes I set a reminder on an existing note though existing notes can be problematic if there are multiple to-dos in the note (then I create individual notes with a link back to the base note).  I add people tags which enables to-dos by individual.  I use some hotkeys and tags in the shortcut bar to facilitate speed in contexts.  !1-Now for example is in the shortcut bar.


There are definitely some weaknesses in this approach, main one being EN isn't really set up as a PM tool so I run the risk of a square peg in a round whole.  Alarms and alerts are weak in general.  But I am good with this workaround since I can manage all my work in one place.  FWIW.

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I make a separate note for each todo item. I tag the item with a tag that identifies which todo list this is a part of. For each todo list I create a saved search todo:false tag:listname. The results of the search don't look like a list each on one line, but it does the job. 

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