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Scannable feature suggestions



I am absolutely loving Scannable. I use it to scan my credit card receipts and it makes my life so much easier.

Here are a couple of improvements for suggestions :


1. I tend to scan receipts in batches. This is easier than starting a new scan session for each receipt. However, I would like each receipt to end up in its own Evernote note, and currently the app combines all scans into a single note. I would like a 'split scans into separate notes' configuration option.

2. I would like a way to cancel the automatic rotation. I scan a lot of receipts in Hebrew, and they all end up being rotated upside down (I assume because the amounts are on the wrong side. I then have to manually rotate them back, which is pain.

3. The app workflow is somewhat confusing. In some case, you end up not being sure if a specific scan has already been uploaded, and then you have to delete it manually to start a new session.

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Thanks for the input rafibryl.


1. Better handling of bulk scanning like this is being investigated.

2. We'll see what we can do. Are you able to to share one of the receipts that always turns upside down?

3. This is something we're working on too.. we realise its a problem.


Thanks for using Scannable.. we're working to keep improving it. 

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I am sure that many of us are NOT power users of Evernote; I am still trying to understand a lot of it and how to use it efficiently. (I chalk it up to being 61, and too much partying during college...)  I would love the ability to tell Scannable a specific computer/folder to send my scans directly to when on my WIFI system.  I have not figured out how to do that, other than to email it to myself, and then save the PDFs to the folder(s) as appropriate.

Now, did any of that make sense? ;)

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I guess the old age really IS catching up with me!  I forgot tio include in my previous feature request the ability to use some of the other document scanners out there.  I have an Epson DS-510 connected to my desktop, and it is one incredible doc scanner!  Would love to be able to use it with Scannable!And


, BTW, THANKS for a great product!

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I'd love for scans to be automatically sent somewhere--I'll take Camera Roll or Dropbox or even email. This morning  the app decided to delete all my scans after I tried to send them to the camera roll and they're no where to be found. If they had uploaded automatically, I wouldn't be upset.

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