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Unable to tag notes in shared Notebook

Mitch P

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When I try to tag notes I created in a shared notebook of which I am not the owner, I receive the following error: "Only tags that are already in this notebook can be added to this note."  I checked with the owner of the notebook and he has attached the tag I am trying to use on other notes in the notebook.  Any ideas?

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Tag handling in shared notebooks is known to be erratic.  Short term you may find it easier to use keywords - change a 'normal' word like 'tag' into a unique keyword by adding an extra character - Xtag or tagX - and search for that.  You can mix this with tag searches,  simply use "tag:tag tagX" (without the quotes) in the search box.


If your colleague changes the tag name it might force it to re-sync to shared notebooks.

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