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Mails into Evernote via automatic sync

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Hi all,


I´m learning how to use the different tools in evernote. 

The most useful and cleverest one would be an automatic synchronization of my emails to evernote. Is there any way that this is possible?




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The simple answer: auto-forward your emails to your Evernote email address. If you have rules-based email, you can be more selective about things. Also check into the IFTTT and Zapier services.

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I think the OP is talking of the other way around, say Gmail-> Evernote & not Evernote->Gmail for example. So, technically, are there limitations on how much incoming email can come into one's Evernote account via the email gateway? 

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Hi all - relatively new to this forum so please forgive any protocol breaches.


Use Evernote as a GTD tool and find it useful to automatically forward all work emails sent to my outlook account to evernote. So, set up a rule in outlook Web App to automatically redirect messages to my en account.


But they arrive in en without the bit at the top i.e. the To, From, cc, date sent lines which is a tad frustrating. Any thoughts on what I could do to correct this?



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I can't be certain about this, but I believe that if you use a forwarding rule, the original headers should be attached to the email.

If you email EN directly only the subject line and message body are sent.

What rule are you using to redirect the emails?

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Not pretty, but you can preserve the original email header info if you create a dummy email account with a rule to forward all emails from your prime account to your EN email address.  You lose the dummy header info but keep the original email header.  I have a dummy Gmail account for this.  Workaround for sure.



EDIT:  I have to retract this.  I thought I had auto forwarded emails using this process in the past, but I hadn't recently.  In good conscience I tested it.  I may have done it in the past, but it doesn't work now, so I'm going with it never did my memory is failing me.  :huh:


The only way I can find to maintain the previous sender information is a manual forward, not what the OP is seeking.  My bad.

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