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MP3 Files Not Functioning Properly in Windows App


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I put a few music files in EN to share with a friend.  I haven't ever used EN for mp3 files and was pleased to see that in my iOS apps (iPhone and iPad) they could be played directly from EN after being downloaded and they worked exactly as I expected they would.


It was a bit different when I viewed them in the Windows EN app, the songs showed with a play button so my expectation was that they would function just as they did in the iOS apps but not so.  First of all when you started play it took 15 to 20 seconds before the music would start, the progress bar would advance so it looked as though something was taking place but no sound until 15 to 20 seconds elapsed.  The other think is that the tracks showed as much longer that they really are, a 4 or 5 minute track shows as 15 to 20 minutes.  It counts down as you would expect from this big number (20:00) but then when the track is over it stops even though the countdown still shows a big number (15:00).


Any ideas?

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