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How to create stacks on Mac

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I just started using evernote after years of not using it. I love most of it and am considering premium in the future. however, I can't seem to find anything about creating stacks in the current version on a mac. there are many things about stacks on MAC, but that was previous versions I believe. I have also discovered stacks are available and easy to create in Windows. Is this available on MACs or not? If not, why?

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I'm still stuck on this. I have created stacks in he past - but I do not seem to be able to now. 

I am following the 'usual' instructions, click pn 'Notebooks' in the left hand side bar, then drag one notebook over another. Nothing happens.Or indeed one note over another. 

Can anyone help.

(Note to Evernote: why can't create a stack be a menu command???}

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  • Evernote Staff

Hi @CLong, are you dragging the notebooks from inside the Sidebar itself, or from the Notebooks View window that appears to the right? You can only drag a notebook into a another notebook to create a Stack in the main window, it will not work from within the Sidebar.

You can also right+click or Ctrl+click on a notebook from the Notebooks View in the main window to the right, then select "Add to Stack." You can then either add the notebook to an existing Stack, or select "New Stack." The Notebook will automatically be added to the new Stack.



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I think I have figured this out and will make some comments about how I think Evernote thought users would approach stack creation, which is different to what I wanted to do.


The instructions for stack creation on a desktop are:

Mac and Windows Desktop

Select the Notebooks from the side navigation menu.

Drag and drop one notebook on to another notebook. A new notebook stack containing both notebooks will be created automatically.

Drag and drop any other notebooks you want to include on to the new notebook stack to add notebooks to it.


What is not stated is that the two notebooks must not be in a stack already. If you drag a notebook that is already in a stack on to another, then nothing happens. To create a new stack you must have two notebooks that are not part of a stack and drag one on top of the other, which will automatically create a new stack.


I guess Evernote’s thinking is as follows. Say you are interested in Golf (I’m not by the way). You create a notebook of notes about different courses. You create some notes about club committee meetings and put those in another notebook. Thinking it would be useful to group these together in a stack called Golf, you can then drag one notebook on top of another to create the stack. A sort of bottom up approach.


But say you decide to take up golf and know that you want a stack which will contain notebooks on different aspects of the game - courses, committee meetings etc. You want to create the stack before you have any notes about it - a top down approach. The only way is to create two ‘dummy’ notebooks and drag one on top of the other. Of course you can rename the notebooks and stack later on.


This last approach is what I was trying to do, and hence my failure to create a stack as I was trying to drag one notebook in stack on to another. Note also if you want to create a new stack with notebooks from an existing stack, the only way is to drag them out of the stack first.


The whole operation seems to be a little clumsy to me and others have commented that it would be much better to have a menu command or a ‘+ new stack’ button, like there is for notebooks.

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