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Maximized window and Confirmation Email dialog bug

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I've run into a bug where sometimes if you have the Evernote application started as maximized and the dialog box pops up to confirm your email address, the dialog box can pop up behind the Evernote application window. But since the Evernote application window is maximized, there is no way to move around the application window to get to the dialog box. Since this dialog box is modal, it doesn't allow you to click any control or menu on the Evernote application window. This pretty much means you're stuck and the only thing you can do is Force Close the Evernote application.


There is sometimes a short amount of time between where you start the application and when this annoying dialog box appears... at which point, I can take the Evernote application out of maximized mode. Then I believe I was able to switch between apps and the modal e-mail confirmation dialog popped up in front of the Evernote application window. This worked on one computer. However on a different computer, this did not seem to work...

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This is a big problem. I'm having this same issue on my Mac. But for me there is no amount of time after the application starts in which I can toggle out of full screen. However, I am able to get to the dialog box "is your email still [email address]" by assigning Evernote to a desktop screen, then clicking on the Evernote application icon in my dock. The dialog box then appears in that desktop screen. BUT I am unable to press any buttons on it to dismiss it. No clicks register in the box.


So as of now my Evernote application is unusable. I'm not sure what to do here.

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Ok, the bug is still there but I was able to get around it. Pretty simple actually. Per this guy's suggestion...




I force quit Evernote. Turned off network access. Restarted Evernote. Exited full screen. Turned on network access. Waited for the popup. Then I was able to dismiss the popup and reenter full screen.

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