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Another 6.0.5 bug - column widths after Search

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Version 6.05 on iMac 27 with 10.10.2.

Using the Search function causes the column widths for the current notebook to be reset to match the search results column widths.
With the "side list" view and three columns displayed (Sync status, Title, Updated), enter a Search argument.  Canceling the Search will cause the Title column to be set very very narrow in the current notebook.  If you follow through with the Search and select a note, when you close the Search, the columns in the notebook containing the selected note will be set to the search results column widths.
Net result, if you search, you have to reset your column widths every time.
The graphics show Before, Search, After.




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+1 - this is STILL in 6.11... and i know it sounds minor but for pete's sake it's frustrating..  Today i attempted to change the column width and the app just crashed... nice....


WHY is the relevance column given soo much space??? and you'd think THAT column would be the easiest to size since its a static width for the relevance chart in that spot.


Version 6.0.11 (451577 App Store)


premium customer

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So now 6.1.1 doesn't EVER save column positions.. forget searching... even after you fix it - the next time you open evernote its moved them smaller again...  how do i get it to memorize column positions???


are you EVER gonna FIX the bugs instead of releasing NEW features that break more things???

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