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Bookmarking Software that's *not* Diigo


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Hi all. I know I've extolled the virtues of Diigo loudly many times before. It's still a great service, but...

They brought out Outliners, which at first were optional, but now they aren't and the List Feature has been fully deprecated. This wouldn't be so annoying, except for the fact that they did this without first ensuring it worked well on mobile devices. In fact, after scouring the Diigo site and the founder's blog, it appears they deprecated the List Feature knowing full well the new Outliners don't work on moblile devices. All I can find are vague "mobile support is in the works" responses from the company.

Can anyone suggest a trustworthy alternative? Free or paid with a trial version that works on PCs and mobile (Android) devices, with the same type of features Diigo is so good at? i.e.:

* Is searchable

* You can have the link address and a title of your choosing, along with summary/description notes

* Portable in the event one chooses to leave or the company goes belly-up

* Has annotation abilities (even if it's a premium only feature)

Yes, I know Evernote could, technically speaking, be used for this, but I want a dedicated, cross-platform bookmarking service.

Oh, and apps like Pinterest are not what I'm aiming for.


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