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Why is it not possible to renew subscription a bit earlier?

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My VISA card expired on Feb 1 but subscription will end on Feb 5. 

Getting a new card will take some time. So, I would like to pay for subscription a bit earlier than the planed date of subscription payment.

I'm quite surprised that it is seems not possible to do it on your site. :-(

I know that most of subscription services (for example - antivisuses) allow to pay earlier to renew subscription.


Is it possible to do it somehow for EverNote also?




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Have you tried to pay online via Evernote.com?  I looked at my subscription details and would have been able to pay now if I wanted - my current subscription doesn't expire until September.


If you can buy a gift code,  you could send the points to yourself and then use them to pay renewal.


If you don't find a solution quickly you may lose your premium status - I'd raise a support request before your renewal just in case - contact CS support by choosing "payment issue" in the first dropdown after logging into logging in to this link > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

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Yes, I tried to search - where it could be possible to pay.

But I had not found any options:

1) no options to pay in Evernote client (Windows, I browsed all in app menu and all links on "Premium" tab).

2) no options to pay on Evernote site (I browsed all menus in the "Account Settings" - not found any links to pay).


So, question is - where you found option to pay before the expire date?



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I do not see there "Billing Summary".

I can see only "Billing Information" and there are no any options like "continue as Premium" or such.

I see only 2 buttons - [Change subscription], [Change credit card] and also links - "Add new card" and "Add new address".

So, there are no options to pay.


In "Purchase history" also no any options to pay.


How is it possible we see different interface for this site?

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In the headings on the left side of the page,  do you see Account Summary?  On that page look down the white (on my screen) section of the page which should start at "Gift to a friend" and go down a little over half way to Billing Summary,

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Hmmn.  Might be to do with the way you paid previously.  At the top of the same page you should see a "gift" option - try sending yourself a 'gift' of a year's subscription and use the points to extend your existing renewal date.

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To update the credit card you have on file, log into your account via the web and cancel your subscription in the account settings page.  


Once this is complete follow the link below to the checkout page - here you will be able to extend your Premium account with your new credit card.  You will not lose any time you have left on your previously paid Premium account during this process.




I hope this helps!!

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