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Bug: Extremely annoying baloon notifications in EverNote!


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I'm experiencing extremely annoying baloon notifications in EverNote.

In particular when I'm typing a text it often showing baloon notification at the bottom-right corner of note window with text = "Related to what you are working on ..."


I'm ok if it would be shown once after note was opened for editing. But it is repeating the same notification with the same text again and again (almost 5 times per minute!) and I do not see how to disable that stupid notifications. THAT IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING!


It is ok to show notification once, but showing it more than 100 times during editing a note - THAT IS TOO MUCH!


Could you please fix that stupid bug in EverNote?

I mean following:

1) user should be able to disable such notifications (in application settings or in notification baloon window - any or both).

2) the same notification should not appear again and again for the same note (that is annoying)! 


Thank you in advance.


PS. Screenshot of annoying notification is enclosed.


PPS. I registered support case #933789 but not received any notifications on its status, so I'm not sure - maybe that registered case was lost?


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