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Feature request: note conflict resolution - comparison of differing content



I occasionally get a conflict in a large text based note. It is very hard to find the differences and where the conflicting information is and it would be great to have them conflict highlighted or something to aid in fixing the note. I'd be curious to know how others solve this problem.

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It's always better to have lots of small notes than one large one.  Conflicts arise when the server can't decide which of two versions of the note is the most recent change,  so can be caused by more than one person editing the content,  having the app open on more than one device (because they'll be syncing periodically,  used or not),  and an intermittent internet connection.  If you've eliminated all the usual suspects,  then I'd go for the 'smaller notes' option - you can tie the content together by having common titles,  tags,  or a separate notebook.


See also: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23275623

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+1 on Tcellguy's request. Some conflict highlighting if not a specific compare tool would be very helpful!


Gazumped's suggestion helps reduce the frequency but shifts the "resolution" time to note creation & management time.  I don't know about other users but my notes tend to grow more organically than in a planned systematic fashion.

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I found this website that has the functionality for which I was looking. I rarely get conflicts, so its not a major workflow issue, but I can't really keep all my notes small for similar reasons to This Guy. I need to probably stop switching between devices so often :)

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I'd also like some easier way to resolve note conflicts. I don't get these very often, but when they do happen they tend to be with long notes that represent significant brainstorming sessions. Something like highlighted text or maybe even something similar to how Google Docs shows revision history would be very helpful.


(I just checked out that Diff Checker site. It was definitely faster than having to skim through the notes myself [thanks for the tip!], but I'd much rather be able to take care of this from within Evernote.)



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