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Usability Issue: Text Options icon overlaps word being written when at the end of a long sentence



Hi guys,

This is a non-trivial issue as it happens when I am in the middle of typing the word and need to see that area for visual feedback to know if I am spelling it correctly.

See screenshot - https://www.evernote.com/shard/s196/sh/4145c649-c498-4725-870f-9be0c85afc3a/2535996be68ba2327d165c306e6f68b0

Some possible options...

* Offset the text options icon from the bottom by at least an amount equivalent to the line height so that this cannot happen

* Hide the Text Options icon when you detect that it overlaps the word being typed

I'm sure you have some better ideas but just wanted to give you a sense of what I'd find as an acceptable solution :-)



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