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Can you create default notebook for emails from a specific email address?

Donald Cohe

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Sure,  but it's not directly Evernote related.  Create a Rule in your mail client - IF I receive an email from <specific email address> THEN send it to <Evernote email address> and (maybe - if/ when you're sure this works OK) DELETE the original.

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Darn I hate it when a plan falls apart...  I believe that IFTTT can point to a specific notebook,  because I have a script that files Gmail receipts into the correct notebook.  Mostly.


Well if you can get IFTTT to do that, then problem solved. I can see this getting a bit complicated if you end up doing it with more than one person's incoming email. 


Some of Zapier's options seem a little more flexible, and from the descriptions can send to a specific notebook: https://zapier.com/zapbook/evernote/gmail/

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