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Evernote data disappeared when I downloaded app on iPhone



I'd love some help. I've been using Evernote note function on my macbook air only and just downloaded the app on my iPhone 4 today to try to sync it up. 


When I opened the app I made the mistake of creating an account (with my regular sign in and password for the mac) and didn't just sign into an existing account. And when I did that, it  opened my account up as brand new. When I went back to my computer and opened the account, all of the data was gone as well.


I am desperately hoping that the data is still backed  up some where and recoverable. I just have no idea how to get to it. Can someone help me? 





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OK so you had account #1 on your Macbook.  Then you created a new account with the same details?  That should be impossible.  I'm not sure what happened,  but if you can't log in to your original account (try your email address rather than the user name) then submit a bug/ lost data report by choosing "report a bug..." in the first dropdown after logging into this link > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

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@AndiPDX:  Most likely all your Notes are intact, but are not showing up because of the account issue.


A quick way to check is to sign in to the EN Web client (NOT Beta) at Evernote.com.

Since you may have multiple accounts now, you may need to sign out / sign in with each email address that you created the account with.


Once you have identified the account email using EN Web, use this same email on your Mac and iPhone.

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